Mango Milkshake

We're a bunch of weird people that like to build stuff, mostly for the web, but we dabble into other things as well.


InspiraciĆ³n Digital. Web design aggregator for those looking to get inspired for their next project.

Trabajos Remotos. Job board focused on spanish (Spain & South America) remote jobs.


Penta. Community for musicians and music lovers in Spain.

Wallpapers. Anime wallpapers straight outta Reddit (NSFW).

Whatswidget. Add a button to your website that allows customers to directly talk to you on WhatsApp.


How many people work on Mango?

Most of the time two, Sefhi and HJ. We also have a friend with 6 cats, Yunquera, and a bald one, Chopito.

How can I contact you guys?

We're not really active on any social media, so your best bet is Discord! Sefhi#9684 and HJ#1083